A Roll In The Hay Seagrape Deep Light Massage Candle Review


Husband and I love massages.  One year for Christmas, we gave each other a portable massage table, and always keep some nice, natural oils on hand.  Then I saw massage candles.  Massage candles work by using the flame from the wick to melt the wax, which turns into a thick massage oil.  I’ve tried a few massage candles before, but always hated them.  I loved their idea, but their artificial scents were such a turn off and they left a thick residue on my skin.  I decided I’m not a massage candle person.

Then Shevibe offered me a chance to review one of Seagrape’s Deep Light Massage candle.  Maybe, I thought, it’s not that I’m not a massage candle person.  Maybe I just needed to find the right candle.

A little bit about it: Seagrape’s massage candle is used by lighting the wick, waiting 20-30 minutes, blowing it out, and using the melted wax as a massage oil.  The ingredients are all natural (I checked and double checked with the maker).  And the ingredients are simple: Soy wax, coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin E, essential and flavour oil blend, love.  Yep, this one also contains love.

I was a bit worried when I saw “flavour oil.”  That’s a phrase used by a lot of different companies to mean a lot of different things.  Sometimes flavour oils are natural, sometimes they are artificial.  When I asked Seagrape, though, they assured me that this candle only has essential oils in it.  Their chocolate, vanilla, and raspberry candles contain flavour oils, but they are naturally derived.

What I loved: Husband and I tried the massage candle together.  The melted wax feels wonderful on our skin.  Hot, but not too hot, thick and smooth.  It glides across our skin with very little effort, even though it’s somewhat thicker than regular massage oil.  We can massage for several minutes before the thick oil starts to turn back to wax.


Posted on February 25, 2014 and filed under bath & body, seagrape.