A Roll In The Hay Seagrape Chocolate Edible Honey Dust Review


Oh, how I love natural body products.  Love.  I hoard my natural soaps.  I make my own lotion and lip balm.  I have an ever growing collection of essential oils.  Of course, I’ve tried a lot of natural bath and body companies.  Some had great products, but terrible service, and some had decent service but had products that weren’t so natural as… “natural.”  It’s a rare find to have both.

Enter Seagrape Bath and Body, now carried by one of my favorite stores, Shevibe!  Shevibe has graciously sent me a sample of Seagrape’s Edible Honey Dust, Deep Light Massage Candle, and Exotic Fields Massage Oil.  All are natural, and all fantastic.  To start off the trio of reviews, let’s talk about the first product I tried: Chocolate Edible Honey Dust.

A little bit about it: Edible dust is made to be sprinkled on the skin and then kissed or licked off.  I’ve never been too interested in the idea of edible powder, partly because it didn’t sound like fun, but mostly because most of the powders I’ve seen were full of artificial ingredients.  Since most of my body products are all natural, when I get a whiff or taste of something not quite right, it’s a huge turn-off.  However since Seagrape’s Edible Honey Dust is made from natural ingredients, I was willing to give it a try.


Posted on February 20, 2014 and filed under bath & body, seagrape.