is a premier, sex positive pleasure boutique offering an impressive selection of sex toys ranging from perennial favorites to rarer, artistic pieces. We are enthusiastic about supporting lesser known niche brands which share our love of unique, premium quality products that are also artfully presented.

The creative seed for SheVibe was sown in 2005 when 4 friends came together and shared a vision of sexual and social empowerment, combining eroticism, fun and artistic expression. In an industry overrun with clichés and clip art, SheVibe sets itself apart by consistently creating fresh content and original artwork, providing a completely unparalleled experience to the customer.

Each web page is enhanced with expressions of political or sexual satire, lust, awkwardness and just plain old poking fun. Through art, we hope to connect to our customers and share this human experience in a way that is a little more meaningful than just an online transaction.