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Posted on January 1, 2018 .

Bex Talks Sex Reviews The Shilo Pack And Play Silicone Dildo


I was a skeptic.

Although there are a handful of “Pack n’ Play” dildos out there, I’m typically of the mind that if they’re hard enough to fuck they probably don’t make the best packers (unless you want the whole world seeing your boner, in that case more power to you) and if they’re small/soft enough to pack with, I probably don’t want to be fucked by it. It’s not often that a toy proves me wrong, but it has happened, and when I saw the NY Toy Collective Shilo I though it might be about to happen again.

Instead of just being soft, NYTC did something a little different in the world of safe toys, they added a firm and flexible inner core to the pliable silicone, this core will hold it’s shape when bent, like a pipe cleaner, which allows you to bend the silicone down for packing and up for play. Then a video showing how easy it is to pack discreetly with Shilo and the chance to squeeze one myself at Catalyst Con just proved it, I needed to get my hands on a Shilo of my own.

Silicone is such a fantastic material, and I love it all, but squishy silicone is my favorite, and the silicone on the Shilo is some of the squishiest ever! It’s comparable to the well loved Vixen Vixskin but the texture lacks the tacky quality that Vixskin can sometimes have.2 Instead the surface is a little more rubbery than totally skin like, my partner said it’s a lot like some stretchy Ninja Turtle toys he had as a kid, and, by the way, it is delightfully stretchy and malleable. It’s like my very own penis shaped stress toy, and you can rest assured that it is also quite durable. If it was going to tear from squishing, stretching, and general fondling mine would have been long broken by now.

Deciding on my Shilo was an interesting experience for me, I’ve obviously picked out dildos before, and even realistic ones, but since this is a toy that is designed specifically to be used for packing, I wasn’t picking out just any cock. I was picking out mycock. I’ll admit, I was a bit disappointed that there weren’t more style options, but the company is still fairly new and I’m sure the line will expand as the company grows. They’re already adding more skin tones, more whimsical colors, and have developed Mason, Shilo’s longer counterpart, so I’m sure there’s even more on the way. I’ll admit, I wasn’t even a big fan of Shilo’s shape when I first saw it, I figured the head would be great for G-spotting, but I thought it’s appearance was a little weird, I drawn to it for how it worked, not how it looked. There's more...


Posted on July 23, 2014 and filed under dildo, new york toy collective, packer, silicone.

theNotice Reviews The We-Vibe Tango & We-Vibe 4 Vibrators


The products: We-Vibe 4 Wearable Remote Control Vibrator and Tango Waterproof Discreet Vibrator

The We-Vibe Tango

After how well-received February’s Je Joue MiMi Soft review was (thank you so much, you guys!), I had to follow up with another sex toy review — or two.

I handpicked this duo for two reasons: (1) the brand’s reputation for making high-quality, durable toys, and (2) the We-Vibe 4 and Tango’s rather singular designs. Whether you added the MiMi to your bedroom repertoire or you’re still looking to start your collection, I think these will serve a purpose unique to themselves!

The rechargeable We-Vibe Tango recently got a waterproof update, and now comes in fuchsia and this lovely, slightly-desaturated blue. It’s now a little bit longer and just a hair wider than it used to be (source), but should still be able to replace any sad, weak bullet vibe — which takes it from “great starter toy” to “bedroom essential” status.

Powerful and quiet, the Tango is a great option for a small, discreet clitoral vibe. It runs for up to 2 hours (I find it lasts for less than that) and features 8 vibration modes (4 speeds/4 patterns), with a low battery warning that flashes through its base. But, while it’s not as rumbly and cushy as the Je Joue MiMi, it can also be used in place of your standard bullet. There's more...

The We-Vibe 4

Despite testing this one for (literally) months, I just couldn't get it to work well for me. That said, however, it is a really unique kind of sex toy.

Made for solo or partnered play, the We-Vibe 4 features the brand’s first “echo” vibe — that is, there are two separate vibrators in this device (one for the clitoris and one for the g-spot) that vibrate in alternate patterns at three different speeds & three additional patterns.

It’s waterproof and relatively flexible with a soft, safe silicone finish, and comes with both an on-vibe control and a battery-operated remote.

So, here are my recommendations. If you really want to try a couple’s vibrator, choose this one. There's more...


Posted on July 16, 2014 and filed under silicone, vibrator, we-vibe.

Slutty Girl Problems Review - Bettie Page Picture This Paddle


Bring a bit of retro flair to your BDSM collection with the Bettie Page Official Pleasure Products Collection by Lovehoney – a gorgeous collection of kink toys featuring the queen of pin-up models; the original fetish photography icon, Bettie Page! Lovehoney brings a taste of retro luxury to their new line of Bettie Page inspired products, plastering the 1950′s pin up model’s signature and iconic photos across paddles, cuffs, collars, and other fetish delights! Recently, SheVibe offered me the opportunity to review a bit of their collection, the Bettie Page “Picture This” Spanking Bat, and I was absolutely delighted to give it a try!

When my package from SheVibe arrived, I opened it with glee. Just seeing the box for the first time, I knew I was in for a treat! Every detail about the box and spanking paddler was perfect – all the way down to the little surprises inside. This paddle is absolutely gorgeous in every way – perfect for the retro collector or lover of luxury BDSM, or anyone who simply wants to add a piece of vintage collectible to their collection!

The first thing that stands out about the Bettie Page Spanking Paddle is the thought that was put into each and every little detail, to make the experience feel truly special. Each paddle comes in a beautifully designed box, with a gorgeous sleeve that shows Bettie Page and describes the product’s finer details. The sturdy inner box is gently engraved with her signature. Inside the box, you’ll find the paddle nestled inside the bottom portion, held secure by two nylon straps. The paddle has an iconic photo of Bettie on one side, with a soft quilted cover on the other. At the bottom of the handle, you’ll find a wrist strap which is also detailed with her signature. Inside the box, you’ll also find several classic photos of Bettie Page along the top of the box, a collector’s card with a classic spanking photo and some of her vital stats, and a collectible key ring with Bettie’s photo on one side, and her signature on the other. These little details create the full retro collector’s experience. I’ve already put the key chain on my keys, and plan to keep the box all together to preserve all the gorgeous detail! There's more...


Posted on July 12, 2014 and filed under bdsm, spanking.

Mr. Will Reviews The Rhino Genesis Silicone Penis Extension


A few weeks ago, the lovely folks at Shevibe contacted me to see if I’d be willing to checkout a new product to see if it’s worth carrying, and I was honored to be considered for the job. The product is the Rhino cock extension by Traz (thanks for recommending it to SV, Kara!), and I agreed very quickly to give an unbiased review in exchange for the product. I’ve seen a lot of horrid cock extensions made from crap materials (jelly extensions… blegh.) and the Rhino seemed a bit different.

...As for using it as a masturbator, I just kept the end plug in and started stroking with a very tight grip on the Rhino. It didn’t move over my skin… It actually moved my skin (I could feel the grooves in the wall of the beast quite well though) over my shaft, and the suction as I neared the end of each stroke was pretty blissful. In no time at all I got off pretty hard and then the Rhino slipped off easily (the cum “breaks” the vacuum pretty well)...

...Finally, I had sex with the Rhino Genesis on. My play partner for this particular test (thank goodness I found one, this would be incomplete without an actual sex test!) was very ready to give it a shot, but it took some serious work… She hadn’t ever taken anything quite as thick as the Rhino, but with some lube and lots of patience we were going about our business in no time. The Rhino, for me, is an absolute awesome device for the simple fact that it gives me the extra length I need to pull a few positions off easier. Positions that before I couldn’t quite get the momentum to get really rocking and rolling were suddenly no problem at all, and best of all… The grooves inside the Rhino still transfer a LOT of sensation to the wearer. The subtle ridge of the head was a bit too much for my play partner and we ended up pulling it off to finish, but in general, the Rhino is a great little device for guys needing an extra bit to work with...there's more...


Posted on July 10, 2014 and filed under silicone, rhino by traz, penis extension.

Marvy Darling Reviews Jopen Key Stella II Silicone Kegel Balls


The first time I tried the Jopen Key Stella II kegel ball set, I was not pleased. Not at all. They hurt going in and they pressed uncomfortably against my vaginal walls (especially against my urethra). The first time I tried to take them out, it hurt so badly that I actually feared using them again. However, this has all changed.

The Jopen Stella II comes with a set of 3 plastic and silicone weighted balls and one silicone holster. As you can see, it does indeed come in a color that isn't pink or purple. Let us all rejoice. Two of the balls weigh 40 grams, and one weighs 30. I would honestly have preferred 4 balls, two 30s and two 40s, but overall, it’s not much of a problem.

It’s clear that Jopen took a leaf out of LELO's book here, because the balls each have a smaller, weighted ball inside them. This means that when you move, or if you simply shake the balls in your hand, you can feel the internal weighted balls move about. This design allows for greater stimulation of the kegel and pelvic floor muscles. Jopen did make a great call by making the entire holster silicone. This means the whole set is completely sterilizable.

I really like the silicone that Jopen used on these. It’s silky, smooth, and the holster seems very sturdy. The smoothness of the silicone definitely helps when you’re trying to get the balls into the holster. Speaking of which, I would say the ease of holster use is about 7/10. As you can see, there are grooves on the balls themselves to indicate how they should be placed in the holster. Mine were slightly off kilter no matter how much I adjusted them, but that didn't affect them in use. I do think, though, that if you have poor eyesight, you might have a hard time with these. There's more...


Posted on July 10, 2014 and filed under jopen, kegel excerciser, silicone.

Millenniatoybox Reviews The Life Vibrator by Leaf


I love me some pinpoint clit stimulation. If the salsa hadn't been discontinued right on the cusp of me evolving into a reviewer, I probably would've been all over that shit. I could have settled for the tango, with its lipstick tip, but I need something more sharp, and less contoured when it comes to orgasms.

Don't get me wrong, broad stimulation has its place, but when I've already had a few orgasms and need that extra oomph to keep going, a beautiful point digging into my clit is what gets me there. 

Enter, the Leaf Life. I was a bit apprehensive at first, because I knew the shape was right up my alley, as well as the whisperings I had heard of its delicious rumbles, but the controls had me a bit skeptical. In the end, though, the shape, power, and color won while the controls I had once worried about now seem like white noise in comparison to the way it makes me feel. 

The issue with the controls is quite simple. As a reviewer, I am used to operating toys a certain way. I don't even read the manuals anymore because most toys adopt the same mechanisms that tend to make sense. Press and hold to turn on and off, press lightly to increase or decrease the power, and press and hold simultaneously for travel lock. The leaf's controls didn't turn my world upside down or anything, but they are worth mentioning, because they could be a deal breaker for some. 
When you receive it, it is locked, so you must press the button three times fast to unlock it. To turn it on, you press it lightly. The first speed is nice and rumbly- it gets less so on the higher speeds because it does get a bit more of a power kick, but it's not a huge deal. The problem is that when you're in the throes of passion and you'd like to increase the power, your mind does what you have conditioned it to, and you press the button lightly. Well, that turns it off. No problem, I'll just turn it back on and it'll be on the same setting, right? Wrong. It has no memory and you must start from scratch. The single button control doesn't help much, either. This was problematic the first few times I used it, but then I got used to it and by now I hardly ever make the mistake of turning it off in use. If you are someone who is a bit of a scatterbrain, though, I'd recommend only using this toy during a masturbation session so that you don't confuse functions and controls with another one. There's more... 


Posted on July 6, 2014 and filed under leaf, silicone, vibrator.

Marvy Darling Reviews The Tantus Neo Butt Plug


If you recall from earlier this year, I’ve been working on sizing up most of my toys. When it came to butt toys, I was definitely a beginner. In January of 2014, I could only use the smallest of small plugs. Then, I reviewed the Tantus Meteorite, and things began to change.

While the Meteorite is a bit long, it’s nice and thin and I would still say it’s good for beginners. It was comfortable to insert, pretty, and extremely hygienic.

So, naturally, I decided to take it up a notch. Enter: The Matrix Neo.

Neo – like all Tantus toys except for the Alumina line – is made from premium, pure silicone with a lovely semi-matte finish. Neo is 4″ long and its bulb has a maximum diameter of 1.4″. I would definitely not call Neo a beginner plug, considering it’s the same thickness as a fair few penises. The silicone has a little bit of squishy give to it, but overall, it’s pretty firm, although the base is flexible. I’ll be honest: When I first saw it in person, I laughed, and figured there was no way in hell I was going to comfortably get it in my butt. (Oh, ye of little faith!)

What made Neo doable for me was definitely its shape. The tip has a lovely taper to it, and the base is supremely comfortable. That said, it was still definitely a stretch for me.

To use, I first had to relax. As someone with an anxiety disorder, who is also more high strung than a chihuahua on crack, this is a little bit difficult. Deep breathing helps. After that, I grabbed a much smaller plug to warm up (the Suit from BS Atelier, review forthcoming). Since I would still classify myself as an intermediate beginner, a warmup was wholly necessary for me. Never be embarrassed to warm up! There's more...


Posted on July 5, 2014 and filed under anal toy, silicone, tantus.

Artemisia FemmeCock Reviews Fuze Whirl & Triton Butt Plugs


Tell Me How You Really Feel
The Fuze Silicone butt plugs are well designed, made of great quality silicone, and they come in a variety of shapes, like a “collect them all” type deal for your butt. I tried the Whirl and the Triton and ended up finding a new go-to plug in one and a new dust collector in the other, but overall my ass approves.

The Good, The Bad, and The Chosen One

I feel like a proud parent watching my butt gradually grow up on fabulous, body safe toys, and these Fuze butt plugs mark another milestone for my ass: texture.

I’ve been eying the Fuze plugs for a while because none of them are intimidatingly sized, they’re made of quality 100% silicone, and they have awesome bases with holes in them. It’s rare that holes in sex toys are a good thing, but these holes are like little portals of versatility: they fit bullet vibes [and the vibrations travel really well through the silicone], fingers, rope… You can even use them in a sex toy themed X-Men parody [also starring the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Small]…

The silicone used to make the Fuze plugs is smooth and firm for easy insertion but still flexible, they’re all around 1-1 1/4 inches in diameter, and the bases are comfortable between the cheeks, which is pretty much the trifecta of perfection for plugs that I enjoy wearing for prolonged periods of time.

Also, I usually don’t give a crap about packaging, but the tins that the Fuze plugs come is are brilliant. I never know what to do with butt plugs once I throw the packaging out: they look so sad just piled into a drawer and it’s hard to display them on a shelf like I do my dildos [maybe I need a butt plug curator]. So these metal canisters are great for storage and keeping dust off of the matte black silicone [aka the supreme champion collector of dust and hair]. Although, I blindly reached for one next to my bed the other day and grabbed a pepper shaker instead… which tells you a lot about what I do in bed. There's more...


Posted on June 22, 2014 and filed under anal toy, fuze, happy valley silicone, silicone.

Hey Epiphora Reviews The Wild Stripes G-Spot Dildo by BS

Finally, a manufacturer is going balls-to-the-wall with their silicone sex toy designs — and I love how flamboyant and playful they are. Spanish company BS Atelier makes a dildo for everyone: one for vegans and/or those who miss Gateway computer boxes, one for horror fans, another for people who like to splatter paint, and even one for that dude who keeps his socks on during sex.

I chose none of those dildos. I chose the uncategorizable Wild Stripes, which is striped diagonally with black, white, orange, pink, purple, red, and grey. I chose it solely based on how attractive it was. Shape was, honestly, secondary in my mind.

Yet, as much as I prefer things that go in my vagina to be aesthetically pleasing — that’s kinda the door (labia?) policy — it isn't enough here. There's more...


Posted on June 17, 2014 and filed under bs is nice, dildo, silicone.