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Posted on January 1, 2018 .

Tease For Two Reviews The B Swish BBold Vibrator


When given the opportunity we are always down to try out a new rechargeable vibrator. So when the chance came up for us to review the BSwish BBold from our friends over at SheVibe we jumped at it.

Design - So lets start where we always start shall we? Whats it made out of? Well this is made out of ABS plastics with a PU and Silicone coating. Whats that mean exactly? Well it is water resistant but not waterproof, so don’t take this one with you in the hot tub. Since it does have a silicone coating we will give the warning we always give, please use a water based lubricant. A silicone based lubricant can warp the silicone and cause defects to the toy. The silicone exterior is super silky soft and we loved the feel of it. Washing it is easy with your favourite water based toy cleaner, or just with a cloth and warm soapy water being cautious of any seams. Speaking of seams when it comes to cleaning we didn’t find the seams on this to overly problematic. They were there yes but they weren’t deep and we didn’t find they got super dirty or build up in them like some do.

This Bswish BBold comes with a usb rechargeable cord, which we absolutely love rechargeable is our favourite. It takes around 4 hours to charge fully and you can use it with it’s 7 functions for up to 2 hours. A little more if you use it on and off or a little less if you use it on high for a long duration. It will stay well charged for around 60 days but we would still charge it up a little before use just to make sure it lasts for what you are wanting from it.

As we already said it has a grand total of 7 unique speeds, settings and pulsations which we have to admit is almost perfect. There was a speed there that would be perfect for almost anyone and we just kept testing them out to pick our absolute favourite which is so hard to choose. One of our favourite features of this vibrator was that it has a little groove in it that is perfect for broad stimulation of the clit. This with the vibration settings was an amazing experience. It is also super light weight as far as a vibrator goes so nothing to heavy so this limited any fatigue you might get. Though if you are getting fatigue you are not using the right tool for the job, but that is for another article.

Since silicone attracts lint like nobodies business, the people at Bswish decided that it would be a smart plan to include a beautiful little storage bag. We have to admit we love when companies add in a storage bag, it makes things so much easier. You have an easy little bag to hide it in and to make sure it doesn’t attract any dirt, dust or pet hair. There's more...

Posted on August 28, 2015 and filed under b swish, silicone, vibrator.

Beck And Her Kinks Reviews The Silhouette S19 Rabbit Vibrator


I have a love/hate relationship with rabbit vibrators, but when I seen the new Cal Exotics Silhouette line, I was intrigued. I studied the line and ultimately decided I wanted to test the S19. SheVibe was kind enough to provide the Silhouette S19 free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Finding a rabbit vibrator that works for all anatomies is impossible. If you haven’t previously read my guide on understanding your anatomy and measuring for a rabbit vibrator, you really should. It is this reason that most will tell you that they loathe testing rabbit vibrators.

I use to hate rabbits. The distance between my clit and my urethra is 45 mm and this is a greater distance than the average and on top of that, I have a prominent pubic bone that doesn’t like curved shafts. When testing rabbit vibrators that others loved, like LELO Ina and Vantiy Vr6 – I experienced nothing but pain. It was rabbits like the Vanity Vr3 and Vr5.5 that I realized I just needed to find the right shape for my body. Since then I’ve gotten better at judging what would work for me based on the product images and the very little information on the product pages, which is why I decided upon the S19 over ones like the s15.

Cal Exotics isn’t exactly known for their high quality and luxury items. They’re known for being a large manufacturer of inexpensive items, which some are made of questionable materials. This makes a lot of people leery of testing their items. However, over the last few years, I’ve noticed that Cal Exotics is upping their game. For me, it started with the Scandal spreader bar and continued when I got to try some of the items from the Embrace line. The Silhouette line is a significant improvement. I’m seriously impressed.

The Silhouette line arrives in nice packaging. Way better than Cal Exotics sister brand JOPEN especially the Vanity line. The box doesn’t open like the usual book packaging. The side is magnetic and opens the back side of the packaging to introduce you to the vibrator you’ve purchased and the rest of the Silhouette line. You have to pull the front up in order to get to your vibrator. The vibrator is located behind a plastic cover which is over the the foam lining.

When I pulled the vibrator out, the first thing I noticed was that the “red” silicone was more hot pink than I would have liked. I thought that it might have been a mistake and I was accidentally sent the pink instead, but closer inspection of the box showed that I did indeed get a red one. After that, I just wanted to feel the vibrations, but was disappointed it needed to charge first.

Thankfully, the initial charge was over within quicker than I expected. The product page states that it takes about 2.5 hours to charge, but I could swear that every time I’ve charged mine it has been less time than that. This 2.5 hours of charge time is said to last about 2 hours on low and 1 hour on high. I’ve used mine, without charging in between, about 20 minutes on high 4 times before it dies on me and I need to recharge it.

The charger for the Silhouette line is the same as the majority of my JOPEN and Leaf toys, which is really nice. I have 100’s of chargers and having brands with universal chargers makes my life easier. I hate when each toy from a  line has a different style charger. Anyhow, the charger is a slender port that slides into the very bottom of the handle. The other end is meant to be plugged into a USB slot, but I almost always use an adapter because I find that toys charge faster when they are plugged into the outlet.

The S19 is triple motored: one in the tip, shaft and arm. These are independently controlled with the two buttons located on the handle. After charging, you must unlock the travel lock function. Hold in both buttons at the same time until the top button lights up just like the bottom button. Instead of clicking each button, you need to hold each button, separately, until the LED light turns on as well as the vibrations. It is only then you can click to cycle through the 5 available functions. For the S19, the bottom button controls the arm and the top button controls the two motors in the shaft. In order to turn off the vibrations, you need to hold in the buttons until the toy shuts off. To activate the travel lock, hold in both buttons until both LED lights turn off. When you turn the vibrator off, it will not remember the setting you last used. There's more...


Posted on August 25, 2015 and filed under cal exotic, silicone, vibrator.

Come Heather Reviews The Uncut #1 O2 Silicone Dildo By Tantus


Metis Black, founder of Tantus, tweeted that the palest shade in the Uncut collection, Cream, looks “a bit albino.” Until now, I didn’t have a single dildo I could strap on that looked like it was part of my body. My Irish skin is always at least two shades lighter than any realistic dildo, so I tweeted back at her, “Thanks for the representation!” The other colors in the collection are equally stunning: Cocoa, a lovely olive shade, and Mocha, a rich blue-black. 

When I held Uncut in my dildo-greedy mitts, it appeared unnervingly massive; at 7.45″ of insertable length and 1.75″ in diameter, it’s the thickest and longest dildo that would conquer my vagina. The Uncut #2 is its one-inch-shorter counterpart, which I passed up because, hey, more shaft to hold onto! The extra length also comes in handy if your partner is a person of size.

I was most impressed with how realistic it is, but then again, all dildos are technically realistic (they all look like real dildos). What I mean is that it looks a lot like a penis! An intact penis! The gentle curve of the shaft, the veins, the ruched skin, the penile raphe, the prepuce peeking out of the highly-detailed foreskin! Quelle beauté! 

Uncut is made from Tantus’ Dual Density O2 fully-sterilizable silicone, featuring a Super SoftTM outer layer and a firm inner core. The inner core ends about 3/4 of the way up the dildo, leaving the head really plush and squishable. No cervical bruising from this bad boy. The shaft is still super flexible, and the matte “skin” is velvety soft and supple, like a baby’s bottom. There's more...


Posted on August 25, 2015 and filed under dildo, silicone, tantus.

A Roll In The Hay Reviews Scandal Bed Restraints by Cal Exotic


I’ve made no secret that I tend to dabble in BDSM and that I love to try new things, so when the Scandal Bed Restraints by CalEx came up for review, I jumped at the chance.

A little bit about it: The Scandal Bed Restraints are fairly simple.  Each set comes with a long strap with a loop on each end, four straps for arms and legs and four cuffs.  The long strap goes vertically under the bed or between the boxspring and mattress (what I did), and the arm and leg straps clip to it.

What I loved: The cuffs have a Velcro closure.  I thought that if I just gave them a good yank while wearing them, they would simply pop off, but they held tight.  I had him try the same thing, but he also couldn’t easily free himself, but feels that if he really had to, he could with a fair amount of effort.

The cuffs fit a huge range of sizes.  My wrists are 5.75″ and ankles are 8″, while his are 7″ and 9.5″.  It fits both of us very comfortably, with lots of room to go much bigger.  I’m fairly confident it would fit most, if not all.

The cuffs themselves are very comfortable.  The tops are a very lovely red, brocade-like fabric that looks both sexy and classy at the same time.  The undersides are a black, velvety fabric and very comfy against the skin. There's more...


Posted on August 18, 2015 and filed under bdsm, cal exotic.

Kinky World Reviews Sportsheets Plus Size Corsette Strap-On


Designed for plus-size bodies to enjoy the feeling of strap-on sex, the Sportsheets Plus-Size Grey & Black Lace Corsette Strap-On is a strap-on harness designed for larger bodies that’s sold by SheVibe. Its fully customizable design allows the harness to fit bodies between women’s size 12 and size 30 (US sizing) and hips up to 72″ in size. That’s a lot larger than most strap-on harnesses – even plus-size ones!) The harness is made with a four-strap design (jock strap style) and includes two metal O-rings that are interchangeable (one at 1.5″ in diameter and the other at 2″). The harness includes a small pouch for a bullet vibrator to pleasure the wearer, and it doesn’t include a bullet vibrator or a dildo. However, it is compatible with all strap-on harness compatible dildos.

This harness comes in an easy-to-wrap, large box. The harness slides right out of the box and is ready for play. The box is a lot larger than the harness, so you may not want to use it for long-term storage. It’s also not particularly discreet, but it does a good job of getting your new harness to you.

In terms of sizing, this harness has “plus-size” absolutely DOWN. This isn’t just a sad “oh, it can fit a size 12 in women’s” plus-size. This one goes way past my body all the way up to size 30 in women’s. These straps are quite long, and it’s clear that they were designed to be able to fit smaller and larger plus-size women. Since the back design is pretty large and covering itself, it also looks normal whether it’s covering a size 18 or a size 30. However, if you’re on the smaller end of the spectrum, you may end up wanting to cut down the excess strap length. The nylon straps make it so the harness is extremely adjustable, but they also cause a lot of dangling excess if you’re on the smaller end of the spectrum.

When it comes to customizing the size, the nylon strap system makes it pretty simple. While it’s really easy to use, I’d still recommend having most of your sizing concerns taken care of before your first play. It takes a bit to customize and pull the nylon straps for the size of your body. The corset design on the back is (luckily) just for decoration, so all you have to worry about is the two waist straps and two thigh straps. The thigh straps are more of a pain to adjust than the waist straps, but both use a simple system that just requires you to pull tautly on the strap near the buckle. It’s much harder to loosen if you get things too tight, but in terms of how easy it is to pull on and tighten for a good fit, it’s extremely easy. I can’t say that I’m entirely fond of how this harness fits, but it’s more personal preference than anything. I prefer my harnesses to sit lower, but the design of this harness seems to have it sitting higher up on the body than I’d prefer. It tends to place the dildo more on the lower area of your stomach than over the vulva area. Some people really prefer the excess padding and angle of having a dildo situated there, but it’s not my preferred arrangement. There's more...


Posted on August 11, 2015 and filed under harness, sportsheets, strap-on harness.

Dangerous Lilly Reviews The Hot Octopuss PULSE II SOLO


Well, this is going to be a hard review to write. I hate phoning it in, but the bulk of the review has already been written before – the Hot Octopuss PULSE II SOLO, whose counterpart is the PULSE II DUO, was originally just one toy: the Hot Octopuss Pulse. It was meant for solo OR couple’s play and while it had some flaws and areas of improvement, it was an item my husband really enjoyed. And how you use it, how it works, has remained the same. They’ve changed the buttons and added in pulsating patterns but the gist remains the same – apply to penis, vibrate, ejaculate.

Most people out there don’t treat sex toys like the latest iPhone; they don’t purchase the upgraded version when their older version functions just fine or even just “good enough”. For those who DO purchase upgraded versions, you’re in luck: just about everything you wished they would change, they did. There’s now a dedicated on-off button on one side, and intensity controls on the other side. You now have the added option of pulsating patterns. And finally, the blessed thing is more quiet. Not “whisper quiet”, but it’s a big change. In order to make it more quiet, though, they did have to shave some intensity. My husband enjoyed the intensity of it, the deep rumbles of the vibrations, but he doesn’t feel they tamped it down too far. It’s still intense on the upper levels.  But wait, there’s more: The Hot Octopuss PULSE II is now waterproof. Before it wasn’t even splash-proof.  There's more...


Posted on August 5, 2015 and filed under hot octopuss, masturbator.

Of Sex And Love Reviews The Fun Factory Bouncer Dildo


An Adriana is a weird thing, what with her ability to squirt but her lesser ability to orgasm from vaginal stimulation. In fact, G-spot stimulation is typically neutral to her and many times uncomfortable, even as it’s making her squirt.

Perhaps it’s more than fitting that I set my eye on the Bouncer, one of the newest Fun Factory toys on the market. This dildo, from the outside, looks like any Fun Factory dildo. It’s got the suction cup base with triple rounded lobes. It has the same velvety texture as other FF toys, including the Boss dildo, which presents the same problems and need for lube.

The smaller size of the Bouncer means this is less of an issue, but that’s not the appeal. The folks at Fun Factory have created a dildo with hollow compartments where inner balls provide a vibration-like movement. It’s a hybrid kegel-ball dildo.

This means there are three noticeable bulges, one for each of the balls. It’s not a design that’s entirely foreign, but it’s different from most of the dildos I’ve tried, many of which tend to be glass with smaller textures, or smooth silicone. The bulges create a slight curve, perfect for stimulating all of your spots.

As a G-spot dildo, this works as well as any of them. It made me squirt — and how! It was evident that the shape and firmness were doing this. The ridges that house the inner balls seem rather firm, much firmer than some FF dildos and more like many of the vibrators that are plastic housed in silicone. It also works well for the long, slow thrusts I use to “milk” my G-spot. Plus, it would hold up to short, shallow thrusts that are quite rapid. However, this isn’t what my vag likes.

To get the full extent of the Bouncer, I experimented with the dildo in a variety of ways. Holding it at the base and shaking provides plenty of vibration to your hand, but you can’t quite translate the movement internally. With only the first ball inserted, most of the “bouncing” can be felt near the entrance of my vagina and vulva in a vibratory way. Long, slow thrusts don’t provide a lot of this sensation at all. There's more...


Posted on July 28, 2015 and filed under dildo, fun factory, silicone.

Viva La Sexy Reviews The Shibari Halo Wand


Honestly this is kind of a tough review to write because I have mixed feelings about the Shibari Halo Wand. By “mixed” I mean mostly positive, but also kind of meh sometimes. Like, when I first got it I loved it. But after using it a few times I realized the Halo is inconsistent for me. Most of the time I have great orgasms and I write things like “this fucking rules!” in my review notes, and other times the strong vibration feels itchy and numbing and doesn’t get me off. I think my problem is that the vibration is rumbly yet somehow a bit surface-level too, and sometimes that just isn’t the right kind of vibration.

To most effectively explain my feelings about the Shibari Halo Wand, I think I should start by comparing it to the Shibari My Wand 10x.1 The My Wand 10x is strong (a bit buzzy, though) but there are several things I don’t like about it. Once I’d tried it a few times and wasn’t impressed, I decided maybe it just isn’t for me, but I could see it’s potential. I think the Halo is that potential that I could see. The two wands are very similar (roughly the same size, nearly identical patterns, both rechargeable via USB and wall charger) but the Halo is basically an improved version.

  • Where the My Wand 10x has sketchy TPR, the Halo has silky smooth and body-safe silicone.
  • The My Wand 10x comes only in an obnoxious shade of purple, but the Halo comes in a sexy black and white in addition to the standard purple and pink.
  • The My Wand 10x is not the most attractive wand around and has lots of nooks and crannies that are hard to clean, while the Halo has a sleek design that looks great and is easy to clean.
  • The Halo is decently quiet but the My Wand 10x buzzes loudly.
  • And, the Halo is waterproof and the My Wand 10x is not.

Clearly I think the Shibari Halo Wand has a lot of awesome features and is a huge improvement, but the Halo isn’t without its own flaws. There's more...


Posted on July 25, 2015 and filed under wand style vibrator.

Sexologist Vixenne Reviews The Tantus Perfect Plug


I had just about resigned myself to giving up all anal play. This idea made me really sad as I used to love playing with a plug or a partner from time to time. Between gaining weight in my belly area (which affects my reach) and my butt not being happy with, or friendly to, the last couple of plugs I have reviewed, I was sad, distressed, and seriously worried that I wouldn’t be able to get the Perfect Plug to work for me.

Friends, it’s called the Perfect Plug for a reason.

Gettin’ it up there…

As I’ve said at the top, and in other reviews, reach is an issue. I’m not flexible enough to reach around the back. Depending on the position or angle, aiming towards my butt from the front of my body yields varying degrees of success.

The most successful positions that worked for me and my body and limitations turned out to be propped up, almost sitting or standing with one leg up on the side of the bathtub. 

Of course, I lubed up the Perfect Plug. I took a little bit of time just sort of running the plug across my anal opening. I started to introduce the tip, nervous that I would be let down or get frustrated. However, with very little effort, the plug practically slid in on its own. I didn’t need any warm up at all. Then again, this a rather slim toy. I would say I usually need warm up, as do most people, to prevent discomfort.

I used the plug with both water based and hybrid lubes with equally good results. I also experimented with having the Perfect Plug in with little stimulation and no erotic context, as well as in addition to a masturbation session. 

It felt great simply having the plug inside me for short periods of time. The base was super comfy and felt secure wedged between my cheeks. I didn’t really notice the bump on the shaft aside from insertion and removal, which I found to be a pleasant tease. The Perfect Plug was neither super filling, nor overwhelming, but it definitely brought my attention to my ass. Ultimately, a bit more mindfulness and awareness is something that is important when embarking on anal adventures. There's more...


Posted on July 21, 2015 and filed under anal toy, silicone, tantus.