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Posted on January 1, 2018 .

Viva La Sexy Reviews The Shibari Halo Wand


Honestly this is kind of a tough review to write because I have mixed feelings about the Shibari Halo Wand. By “mixed” I mean mostly positive, but also kind of meh sometimes. Like, when I first got it I loved it. But after using it a few times I realized the Halo is inconsistent for me. Most of the time I have great orgasms and I write things like “this fucking rules!” in my review notes, and other times the strong vibration feels itchy and numbing and doesn’t get me off. I think my problem is that the vibration is rumbly yet somehow a bit surface-level too, and sometimes that just isn’t the right kind of vibration.

To most effectively explain my feelings about the Shibari Halo Wand, I think I should start by comparing it to the Shibari My Wand 10x.1 The My Wand 10x is strong (a bit buzzy, though) but there are several things I don’t like about it. Once I’d tried it a few times and wasn’t impressed, I decided maybe it just isn’t for me, but I could see it’s potential. I think the Halo is that potential that I could see. The two wands are very similar (roughly the same size, nearly identical patterns, both rechargeable via USB and wall charger) but the Halo is basically an improved version.

  • Where the My Wand 10x has sketchy TPR, the Halo has silky smooth and body-safe silicone.
  • The My Wand 10x comes only in an obnoxious shade of purple, but the Halo comes in a sexy black and white in addition to the standard purple and pink.
  • The My Wand 10x is not the most attractive wand around and has lots of nooks and crannies that are hard to clean, while the Halo has a sleek design that looks great and is easy to clean.
  • The Halo is decently quiet but the My Wand 10x buzzes loudly.
  • And, the Halo is waterproof and the My Wand 10x is not.

Clearly I think the Shibari Halo Wand has a lot of awesome features and is a huge improvement, but the Halo isn’t without its own flaws. There's more...


Posted on July 25, 2015 and filed under wand style vibrator.

Sexologist Vixenne Reviews The Tantus Perfect Plug


I had just about resigned myself to giving up all anal play. This idea made me really sad as I used to love playing with a plug or a partner from time to time. Between gaining weight in my belly area (which affects my reach) and my butt not being happy with, or friendly to, the last couple of plugs I have reviewed, I was sad, distressed, and seriously worried that I wouldn’t be able to get the Perfect Plug to work for me.

Friends, it’s called the Perfect Plug for a reason.

Gettin’ it up there…

As I’ve said at the top, and in other reviews, reach is an issue. I’m not flexible enough to reach around the back. Depending on the position or angle, aiming towards my butt from the front of my body yields varying degrees of success.

The most successful positions that worked for me and my body and limitations turned out to be propped up, almost sitting or standing with one leg up on the side of the bathtub. 

Of course, I lubed up the Perfect Plug. I took a little bit of time just sort of running the plug across my anal opening. I started to introduce the tip, nervous that I would be let down or get frustrated. However, with very little effort, the plug practically slid in on its own. I didn’t need any warm up at all. Then again, this a rather slim toy. I would say I usually need warm up, as do most people, to prevent discomfort.

I used the plug with both water based and hybrid lubes with equally good results. I also experimented with having the Perfect Plug in with little stimulation and no erotic context, as well as in addition to a masturbation session. 

It felt great simply having the plug inside me for short periods of time. The base was super comfy and felt secure wedged between my cheeks. I didn’t really notice the bump on the shaft aside from insertion and removal, which I found to be a pleasant tease. The Perfect Plug was neither super filling, nor overwhelming, but it definitely brought my attention to my ass. Ultimately, a bit more mindfulness and awareness is something that is important when embarking on anal adventures. There's more...


Posted on July 21, 2015 and filed under anal toy, silicone, tantus.

Sexologist Vixenne Reviews L'Amourose Toy Cleaning Spray


Is it weird that I’m actually excited to review something that isn’t a toy and doesn’t have to be used on my body?

I was looking forward to testing out the L’amourose Toy Cleaning Spray. I rarely use something like toy cleaner and when I did, the only one I had was a foaming one. I tend to opt for simply washing a toy with soap and warm water, because for the most part I’m not sharing them with a partner, and it’s pretty easy to do. (And I’m lazy low-maintenance.)

The L’amourose Toy Cleaning Spray is even easier than that! Just a few spritzes and either allowing it to air dry or wiping it down with a paper towel and you’re good to go! Read the full review...


Posted on June 15, 2015 and filed under l'amourose, sex toy cleaning.

Lorax Of Sex Reviews The Packer Gear Boxer Packing Harness


The future is now, and it is glorious. A future that involves comfortable, dysphoria-friendly, full-featured, washable, packing-friendly, underpants style strap-on harnesses for under $30. Yes, you read that right. The same price as a month of Crash Pad gets you an awesome pair of undies that you can pack AND fuck with. I love the future.

The Packer Gear harnesses [1] are everything I wanted out of the rodeoH and didn’t get. They’re an awesome alternative to SpareParts Tomboi and in some cases, actually better. Yes- Packer Gear is made by CalEx. I’m as surprised as you are. I still don’t like CalEx as a company but of the “big four” major sex utensil companies they’re far from the worst. I give them some modicum of credit for recognising at least part [2] of the transgender community by starting to make packing products which are surprisingly good and affordable.

I have the boxer-brief style which is really a bit more of a trunk cut on me, but I appreciate that. True boxer-briefs can come down a little far on my thighs which can bunch up inside my 501’s (which, let’s be honest- if I’m packing I want that shit to get noticed). Despite being unable to find a size chart anywhere online [UPDATE! SheVibe now has waist size-range measurements available on their site], and the sizing options being XS/S, M/L, or L/XL, they fit fantastically. I got the L/XL and they fit me just right. For reference I wear an XL in my Vagina Dentata American Apparel Hot Shorts, a Large in Jockey Cotton Stretch Low-Rise, and I’m a solid size 16 in Lucky Jeans. I’d say someone a size larger than I am would still be quite comfortable in these, two sizes up might be a little snug depending on where you carry your weight. 95% cotton/5% spandex and a nice wide waistband means these are comfy enough to wear all day, and not just on days when you’re in a pinch because you forgot to do laundry.

There’s a bit of a lovechild of rodeoH and SpareParts Tomboi thing going on with these, and I like it. Inside you’ll find a vertical flap system akin to SpareParts designs. The vibe pockets are a little weird but also smart- there’s a horizontal one on the inside flap near the top (placed above where the base of a cock would be), and there’s a vertical one in the middle of the top flap. I thought this was strange until I realised that this put one bullet squarely on a potential fuckee’s clit and one squarely wedged into fucker’s junk pressing against the base of your cock. It works surprisingly well to add pressure bio-feedback with thrusting on top of vibration. Someone actually thought about this really intelligently! Slightly less well thought out is the placement of the packer-nutsack-securing-strap. This is located on the inside of the innermost flap, which is great for being able to keep your whole packer inside your underpants, but won’t work with STP style packers. In contrast SpareParts’ Tomboi puts this feature directly below the o-ring, which means your cock is dangling outside your underpants when packing- it’s a little odd. Win some you lose some I suppose. There's more...


Posted on June 7, 2015 and filed under cal exotic, packer, harness.

Tease For Two Reviews The PULSE II DUO by Hot Octopuss


When our friends over at SheVibe gave us the opportunity to review the Pulse II Duo, we jumped all over the chance with reckless abandon. We’ve soon numerous reviews of the Pulse II Solo, where it was hailed as one of the best male sex toys ever invented. Thing is, we’ve seen maybe two reviews of the Duo couples model, so how could we not? One of the reviews we read said that it was the best way to have sex without insertion, which peaked our interest. I’m not sure we’ve ever been so excited to review a product, which is saying something. Could the Pulse II Duo live up to the hype, we had high expectations, and I’m pretty sure this toy exceeded all of them. Yea…. It’s that good.


Product & Storage

Just in case the word “duo” throws you off, the Pulse II Duo is essentially two toys in one, built for couples play. The top, which is basically an open, winged type sleeve, is used to stimulate the penis. It utilizes oscillation sent through a little pad to stimulate the underside of the penis. It can be used flaccid or hard, static or as a stroker, with or without lube, in the shower, tub, car, sporting events or on the moon. The noise level of the top part alone is quiet enough that you probably COULD use it anywhere. To give you an idea, even in a quiet room it can just barely be heard from across the room. It absolutely cannot be heard through a closed door, either. Always a plus there!

The whole underside, however, is a separate vibrator. It’s controlled through a separate single button remote, and requires the penis stimulator to be running in or to be used. Due to the entire underside of the unit vibrating, this means if you don’t like broad coverage vibrations on your clit, this version may not be for you. Although, it is quite a nice rumbly vibration, which definitely works in its favour.

The Duo model is completely covered in silicone, usb rechargeable, oh… And waterproof! That’s right, you can pulse in the shower if you want. Try it, it’s fun. Other than that, I’m really happy to see the Pulse II Duo come with a storage bag. I think every premium toy should be rechargeable and come with a storage bag, that stuff really makes a difference. All in all is a very attractive product, very well designed and there is very little to complain about.

It’s also worth mentioning that the pulse works very well with sufferers of Erectile Dysfunction. There's more...


Posted on May 31, 2015 and filed under masturbator, silicone, vibrator, hot octopuss.

Dangerous Lilly Reviews The Cordless Magic Wand


Despite what I may say in this review, I am excited about the Rechargeable Magic Wand! But first, a little back-story. I’d used vibrators for a couple of years before I started reviewing. Even the few that worked for me took awhile; longer than I sometimes had patience for. So a whopping 1 month into being an official Sex Toy Reviewer I got my hands on the Hitachi Magic Wand. And, having only tried cheap shit and a few I-feel-like-I-should-adore-this-but-it’s-too-mild Lelos, I was suitably impressed by the old Magic Wand and instructed all to go forth and buy one. Nature of the job though, I kept trying new vibrators. Finally, eventually, I found the We-Vibe Tango. And I realized something: the vibrator best suited for me shouldn’t take 15 minutes if I don’t want it to. Many times the Magic Wand took 15, 20, 25 minutes for two reasons: It’s very broad and I need pinpoint, and it’s kinda buzzy rather than rumbly – on high it feels very itchy to me. Plus, I didn’t like the fact that after longer sessions, I couldn’t feel the pee coming out if I used the bathroom shortly after. My entire vulva was numb.  But heeeyyyy I could sometimes orgasm in a few minutes and it beat the socks off the other vibes I had, so I loved it for awhile.

No lie…..It’s been probably 4 years since I used the Magic Wand for anything other than a comparison of vibration strength. It sits in my drawer gathering dust on its menstrual-blood-stained PVC head. Instead, the vibrator I recommend is the We-Vibe Tango, unless someone has anorgasmia or prefers broad stimulation – even then I’ll usually recommend the Doxy for its lower-intensity settings and longer cord. I’ve consistently been one of the very few sex toy reviewers who tries to NOT recommend the Magic Wand and doesn’t think it’s heaven on earth.



I used to love the fact that the original Magic Wand plugs in – no batteries, no power loss, no wait. But the cord is short and eventually I’ve grown to hate cords. They get in the way, they tether you to the nearest electrical outlet. So the fact that the Rechargeable Magic Wand is, well, rechargeable is a big plus in my book. Not only is it rechargeable but a charge lasts forever1 and you can still use it while it’s plugged in and being recharged – very handy for folks like me who have a bad habit of turning on 8 vibrators to find them all dead.

Another upgrade is that the head is finally SILICONE. Before I knew that the head was a porous material I used it one night when I didn’t realize I was still spotting. I laid it down beside my bed, and went to sleep. The head never again was visually clean. The new head is also now a little more plush than before; in fact it reminds me of the way the Doxy head feels.

Yet another feature I didn’t love about the first Magic Wand was the rocker-switch and how it went low-Off-high. You could flip past “Off” in a split second but sometimes it messed you up. Now, there is a power button plus an intensity button that cycles through 4 levels PLUS a patterns button if you like that sort of thing.

Oh and the overheating. The Original Hitachi Magic Wand got surprisingly hot – all over. I’d heard tales of people who used it for long periods of time, burning through the motor every year or two. The Rechargeable Magic Wand doesn’t overheat, not even after hours of operation. Of course despite fixing this issue, they don’t believe it so they set a fail switch in  – it’ll shut off at 20 minutes of continuous use. You can turn it right back on, though they tell you not to. It’s annoying for the people who can, not only tolerate it for 25 minutes, but need it for 25 minutes. Or more. This shutting off crap is probably the only Con of the new-and-improved Magic Wand. There's more...


Posted on May 31, 2015 and filed under silicone, vibrator, wand style vibrator.

A Roll In The Hay Reviews Sportsheets Doggie Style Strap


I really love position helpers.  So far I’ve mostly used cushions like Liberator wedges or the Little Deeper Cushion.  I love being able to try different positions, and these helpers take a standard position and change it every so slightly, but the slight change makes a huge difference.  The Sportsheets Plus Size Doggie Style Strap does exactly that.

A little bit about it: This strap is used for leverage in the, well, doggie style position.  It has a cushioned strip with two adjustable nylon straps on the ends.  The cushioned part of the strap goes under the receiver’s hips, with the handles on either side.  The giver takes hold of the handles and pulls them back, pulling the receiver back a little bit and giving more lift and leverage, without driving the receiver forward or having to grab forcefully (or painfully) onto their hips.

What I loved: I didn’t think the strap was going to make much of a difference at all.  I really didn’t.  But several of my friends sang the praises of having a strap.  So, I tried it.  The strap was fairly comfortable across my lower abdomen and hips, and when he pulled the straps, it pulled me closer to him, slightly changing the angle as he did.  I didn’t think he could possibly get any deeper in the doggy position, but this helped.  And, with the angle slightly changed, my G-spot got hit that much harder and made orgasms that much easier.

But we wanted to do something other than just doggy with it.  So we tried some other positions, like with me on my back and him using the strap to lift me a little.  Or using it to help me hold my legs in certain positions.  It took some creative thought, but the sky’s the limit. There's more...


Posted on May 4, 2015 and filed under sportsheets.

Beck And Her Kinks Reviews The ENVY SEVENTEEN Kegel Exerciser


Kegel balls are something I am not sure I will ever have enough of. There are many shapes and styles. Some that vibrate, have balls that jingle inside, electro-stimulation, and anything else creators come up with. Prior to the Envy Seventeen, I didn’t own a set that vibrated. The idea of vibrating kegel balls appealed to me so I asked SheVibe if I could review a set from the Envy line. SheVibe kindly sent me the JOPEN Envy Seventeen free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

I really like the packaging for the Envy and Lust line’s from JOPEN. They are both thick boxes that open like a book. Inside the product is placed nicely in a foam insert. There is a manual that tucks into its own pocket on the side. The packaging is even great for long-term storage as it can hold up to being roughed up. I wish more packaging was made similar to the Envy and Lust line. On the back of the box, you will find some useful product information such as size, charge time, battery life, and features.

The Envy Seventeen measures 5.5″ from the top of the insertable portion to the bottom of the cord. The insertable portion measures 3.75″ in length with a 4.5″ in circumference at the fullest girth and 2.5″ in circumference where the insertable portion is its thinnest. The shape of the Envy Seventeen is that of two balls that are connected – giving it an hour-glass shape with very little give in between the two balls. The bottom ball has the cord attached. The bottom ball also has the faintest circle, which is the button to operate the vibrations. The top ball has an opening for the charger.

The Envy Seventeen is rechargeable via the USB cord inside. It’s the same charger as the majority of the other JOPEN toys I own use. I don’t always like using my USB slots for charging toys, so I have an adapter. According to the box, the Envy Seventeen reaches a full charge in 2.5 hours, which should last 40 minutes on high and 1.5 hours on low. It does take about 2 hours to full charge the Envy Seventeen; however, the time it should last is off a bit. I got 25-30 minutes on high out of the Envy Seventeen and about one hour on low. There's more...


Posted on April 30, 2015 and filed under jopen, kegel excerciser, vibrator.

Property Of Potter Reviews The Real Nude Suko Silicone Dildo


The Real Nude Suko from Blush Novelties is a dildo that falls directly on the line between realism and fantasy.  Does it look like a cock?  Sort of.  Does it feel like a cock?  Kind of.  It’s the perfect middle ground for someone that doesn't want an exotic product, and would prefer something that doesn't resemble a severed member either.

The base of this dildo not only allows it to be safely used anally (and in a harness), but it features a suction cup.  This cup is concave in the base of the toy, and holds extremely well.  It suctions to any clean, flat, texture-free surface.  You can use it in the shower, on your bedroom wall, on a wooden chair, etc.  You don’t have to worry about the suction accidentally breaking, or the toy slipping or falling.  The seal is strong, and needs to be broken by slipping a finger underneath it.  Tugging the dildo won’t get you very far, the suction is that strong!

The actual shape of the Real Nude Suko is what I would call artistically realistic.  It features a prominent head, but the shape of the shaft is unique.  Rather than having a vein-y texture or being completely straight, it has a sort of muscular appearance.  These bulges add stimulation when thrust, which is a step up from ultra realistic dildos.  Since the dildo lacks a curve, this shape is really where it shines.  It makes up for the curve by holding your attention on each bulge as it slides in and out of you.  The sensation isn’t extreme, so it’s great for someone looking to advance from smooth toys, or for those that feel bored by straight dildos.

This dildo is made from silicone which is one of the best materials for sex toys.  It’s non-porous, body safe, latex free, and phthalate free.  It’s best to stick with a water-based lube (since silicone lubes sometimes cause a reaction to the material), but when well cared for, silicone toys can last a lifetime.  Because it’s non-porous, the dildo can be sterilized by boiling for a few minutes, cleaning with a 10% bleach solution, or using your dishwasher.  This is great if you want to use it anally and vaginally, since it reduces the risk of spreading bacteria.  For regular use, you can simply clean with soap and water. There's more...


Posted on April 9, 2015 and filed under dildo, silicone.