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Posted on January 1, 2018 .

Mr. Will Reviews The LELO PINO Vibrating Couples Cock Ring


Not long ago, Lelo was acting all secretive about a new product for the penis packing folks of the world. Loose lips sinking ships and all, the product was leaked on several websites before it was announced to consumers. SheVibe sent  the Lelo Pino out in exchange for an unbiased review!

What Is Lelo Pino?

It’s a cock ring and it’s available in black or “Federal Blue”. A cock ring that comes with silver cuff links and a money clip. I’m not reviewing the cuff links or money clip because I don’t think I’ll ever wear cuff links and I feel like money clips are for really pretentious folks.

The tagline for Pino is “always be closing”, like sex is always some sort of business transaction.

What Is Pino Made Of?

Silicone and a little metal branding plaque.

Lelo Pino Features:

The Pino by Lelo is USB rechargeable, waterproof (which I don’t understand, as the port is completely open), lockable (hold the + and – buttons until the charge light turns on and then off, hold again to unlock), and has a rather simple 2 button control scheme:

The + sign changes patterns/increases speed on the constant setting, the – goes back down through the patterns and turns the intensity down. Also, charge port.

The two buttons help you move through the following 10 vibration settings:

  • Steady Vibration- Press the + button once to turn it on, then hold the button to turn the intensity up. Goes from barely noticeable up to a moderately rumbly steady vibration.
  • Slow Pulse
  • Fast Pulse
  • Fastest Pulse
  • Ramp Up & Drop
  • Faster Ramp & Drop
  • Ebb & Flow (Builds up and slows down over and over)
  • Slow Ebb & Flow (longer build up and slow down)
  • Ramp Up, Pulse Pulse
  • I can’t even describe 10. It’s a funky pattern that seems to change just a bit each cycle. Maybe algorithm based? I have no idea. There's more...


Posted on January 21, 2015 and filed under cock ring, silicone, lelo, vibrator.

Crista Anne Reviews The Liberator Ramp


I love SheVibe.

The wonderful folks at SheVibe are people I consider good friends, they were early supporters of Dildology, and we’ve had grand times at conferences together. When I told Sandra about #OrgasmQuest, she gave me free choice of their inventory on what I thought would help my quest the most. Immediately, I picked out The Liberator Ramp because I knew it would be helpful.

Here’s Why:

#OrgasmQuest is focused on my masturbatory orgasms though antidepressants, my partnered sex life with Val continues to be incredible. An issue I have with both masturbation and partnered sex is discomfort staying in various sexual positions due to Fibromyalgia. My limbs are sore or give out quickly, I need a great deal of ergonomic support in all areas of my life, support sexually has been at the top of my list for a while. With or without amitriptyline in my system, if I am in a ton of pain, pleasure is impossible.

So let’s talk about Liberator. I've not always been a fan of their PR, they've put out some downright misogynistic marketing tweets in the past. (It appears those have all been deleted) That issue seems to have been rectified. (I’m putting that in this review because I was one of the voices of dissent at the time.) Their marketing may have an iffy past, but their products are incredible.

They call the foam core of their products “Champagne Foam”. Okay. What I can say is that the foam core stabilizes, cushions and supports my body in a way that no other configuration of memory foam pillows has. The microfiber cover feels wonderful against my skin, which is wonderful because I do have texture issues. The cover also zips off and is machine washable. Getting the cover on and off is surprisingly easy, even with my weak grip.

Call me vanilla all you want, I love missionary. The lift from the liberator ramp makes that position feel more intimate, our bodies are closer, and I find that it is easier to get deeper penetration – something I am a huge fan of. Laid over the top of the ramp, I can grip the bottom comfortably for stability. My hips are cushioned and I am able to stay in that receiving position longer than before. There's more...


Posted on January 19, 2015 and filed under liberator, sex furniture.

Dangerous Lilly Reviews The Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace


I’m well aware that big vibrations can come in small packages but I have been looking at the Crave Vesper with quite a bit of skepticism since their crowd-funding campaign. Vesper is thin and long and the catch is that it’s “wearable”; meant to be worn as a necklace so that you can always have your vibrator secretly with you. Oh and it’s powerful, naturally. I’d read a few reviews of other Crave products that had wimpy vibrations so you can understand my hesitation. 

Let’s Talk Power

My favorite vibrator, the We-Vibe Tango, is extremely powerful. The vibrations are rumbly and gorgeous. The low setting is also still pretty damn powerful, and I don’t tend to recommend the Tango for people who can quite easily orgasm clitorally from fingers, because it may be too powerful. To give you some comparisons, I've pulled out a number of bullet vibes from my collection. Lelo Mia 2 can actually get me off half of the time, on high, because the vibrations are fairly rumbly. But Mia 2 on high is equal to Tango on low. The Vesper is about equal to the Mia 2 on medium-high like…level 8 of 10? Mia 2 has a lot of power increments, but Mia 2 is a bit more rumbly than the Vesper – just a hair. Vesper is slightly more powerful than the Tantus 1-speed bullet. But of course, the Vesper is much more pinpoint than any of these. And therein lies the magic. And by magic I mean “wtf is happening, I shouldn't be able to come from this”. 

Yeah. Me, the one with the clit-o-steel who has been unable to orgasm with the Form 4Revel BodyWe-vibe 4Leaf Spirit, and most rabbit styles. Me who prefers the Tango to the Magic Wand. Well, now I know why. My clitoris, which is a righty btw, responds just fine to some pressure and localized vibrations to the magic spot there on the right side. Many vibrators can’t get to that exact location because they’re too big or the vibrations don’t travel well enough to reach that spot. My clitoris isn't on Main Street, it’s in a gazebo on the town green surrounded by land with only one sidewalk leading to it and it can’t hear you from the road unless you’re loud .You've got to be able to walk right up to it or have the power to yell from the road. The Vesper can walk right up to it. The Tango stepped onto the sidewalk but it has a bullhorn, so it doesn't need to be up close. The Rosa Rouge is fine from the road. (i think we’re done with this weird metaphor, yeah? too much?)

I’m about as shocked as you are, trust me. There's more...


Posted on January 8, 2015 and filed under crave, metal, vibrator.

Beck And Her Kinks Reviews The Lust by Jopen L2.5 Mini Vibrator


It doesn’t matter how many clitoral toys I have – I must have or at least try them all. My clit has days where the Doxy Wand isn’t enough power and then there are days when Amie is too much for my clit. Needless to say, I need a clitoral vibe for every occasion. That’s why I asked the lovely folks over at SheVibe if I could review the Lust L2.5. SheVibe was kind enough to send me the Lust L2.5 free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased experience.

The Lust packaging is nicer than some packaging for more expensive items. It’s a solid box that opens at the side. The side is magnetically attracted to the box. Inside you find the toy and charger laid in foam while the manual is tucked into a pouch on flap lid. The backside of the box gives you the low down  on its feature: silicone, rechargeable, waterproof, travel lock, run time, charge time, warranty.

The Lust 2.5 measures 4″ in length with a 2.75″ circumference at the widest point on the tip and 3.5″ circumference at the widest point toward the base. I would describe the shape as an alien finger. The head is flat, like GiGi, and under that flat head are some ripples. Farther down, past the ripples, you’ll see a circle which is the button to operate the vibrations. At the very bottom of the toy is an opening for the charger to be inserted.

The Lust 2.5 comes travel locked and is a fucking pain in an ass. You have to click it 3 times in a row quickly. The button will then light up red. It typically takes me a few tries to get it. The first time I tried it – I thought my vibe was defective. Before thinking yours is defective, trying plugging in the charger and seeing if the red LED light turns on. If it does, chances are yours isn’t defective and you need to play around with the button some more. If the light doesn’t turn on  – then yours is defective. I’ve had my fair share of JOPEN items that are defective. In fact with the Vanity line, I had 5 or 6 that were defective when they arrived. The travel lock will automatically turn on if your vibe has been off for a while and when you plug-in the charger. There's more...


Posted on January 5, 2015 and filed under cal exotic, jopen, vibrator, silicone.

Lorax Of Sex Reviews The Njoy 11 Double Ended Steel Dildo


The Njoy Eleven is a thing of legend. I think it was one of the first sex-utensils that I put on my wishlist, much like every other sex-writer, -worker, and reviewer on this here planet. It’s the sort of thing you dream about and stare longingly at in display cases while sighing wistfully at the price tag. Clocking in at eleven inches long (hence the name) and 2¾ pounds of pure stainless steel, there’s no two ways about it- the Njoy Eleven is a glimmering beast.

I’ll admit that this was another of those review requests borne of a challenge- after experiencing an asshook with a large ball I wanted something more fuckable. Something that was girthy and frictionless the whole way down, something that would approximate the sensation of the hook but with more versatility. So I managed to work out a deal to snag one.

This wasn't my first hands-on visit with an Eleven. In my previous role as a Dildo Ranch Wrangler I regularly showcased the Eleven in all its weighty, mirror-like glory- carefully placing a velvet cushion on the counter and advising “two hands, please”. Everyone ooohed and ahhhed over it, but selling an Eleven was a rare occurrence. It’s intimidating in and of itself, and then there’s the price tag; ranging from $299 – $310 online[1], and rarely on sale, this is not a impulse buy by any stretch of the imagination. This was my first opportunity to really get to know the Eleven internally, and boy-howdy am I glad I did.

The first rule of stainless steel sex utensils is: warm them up first, especially if it’s wintertime. It’s easy enough to do with a container of warm water or, if you’re me, wedging it under you while lounging on the couch. I take that back. The real first rule of stainless steel sex utensils is: resign yourself now to fingerprints and smudges. Just make your peace with it now, particularly if you’re the fastidious type. I spent far too long carefully buffing the Eleven and it’s siblings in display cases feeling a bit like Lady Macbeth. So the second rule of stainless steel sex utensils is to warm them up. Yes, you can chill them down too if you really want to (I haven’t and have absolutely zero intention of ever doing so). Do this in the refrigerator or cold water though- NOT IN THE FREEZER. Everyone remember the flagpole scene from A Christmas Story or “the wall” in Muppets Most Wanted? Yeah- don’t do that to your junk. You won’t be happy. Lastly- you’ll want some lube to go with this. Forget the “use lube if you have to” trope most folks trot out. USE LUBE.

Given my dislike of the Pure Wand, and being the anti-size-queen that I am, it’s no surprise that the first response when telling a friend how much I enjoy the Eleven was “Wait, which hole? I thought it was way too big for you!” For a long time, so did I. Even more surprising was that, despite my intentions for the Eleven, I was using it in my cunt. I’ve discovered that pretty much across the board if I don’t like a size/texture in silicone or skin that I need to try it in glass or steel. The lack of friction makes things so much easier, and takes a lot less lube. It’s still tricky to get in, and the larger end is an absolute no-go (sad, because using it that way has built-in grippy bits), but once I can work the small end in? G-ddamn. There's more...


Posted on January 3, 2015 and filed under dildo, njoy, metal.

Redhead Bedhead Reviews L'amourose Rosa & Denia Vibrators


Brace yourselves kids, in addition to hearing about some rad new toys, you’re going to get a little anatomy lesson today too.

First, allow me to introduce two of my new closest friends:

I first heard of L’amourose after a minor tift with my friend Dangerous Lilly. She had referred to me as “easily orgasmic” causing me to go on a rant about my body being the freaking rubix cube of hard-fought orgasms. Then we internet hugged it out. A day or two later she, based on our discussion about my body’s very specific orgasmic needs she mentioned a toy I had never heard of called the the Rosa and suggested that its unique shape might do it for my body. Coincidentally, two days later the rock stars at SheVibe wrote and asked if I wanted to test the L’amourose toys and, well, here we are.

I’m reviewing both at the same time because they are extremely similar and my review is basically the same- you needn't read it twice.

So, what’s the deal with these toy? They are dual stimulation vibrators. The Denia has an arm for clitoral stimulation while the Rosa relies entirely on the base. They each have two strong rumbly motors (like I handed the Rosa to the cute boy and he said “I finally get what you all mean when you say “rumbly”) and testing the Rosa for the first time caused me to say this:

Also they are bloody gorgeous. There's so much more...


Posted on January 2, 2015 and filed under silicone, vibrator, l'amourose.

Ninja Sexology Reviews The G-Spot Lollipop Double Pop


The G-Spot Lollipop Double Pop doesn't look like any other sex toy I've ever seen.  True to its name, it resembles a sweet, spherical lollipop on a very long stick, or a shimmering, magical fairy wand.  Upon unpacking it, I immediately attempted to twirl it like a baton… which was amusing until I smacked myself in the forehead.

Given its resemblance to so many less-than-sexy objects, you might wonder why I asked SheVibe for the chance to review the G-Spot Lollipop.  As you may have noticed from other reviews, I enjoy “front loaded” toys, and it doesn’t get much more front-loaded than this.  The medium/large G-Spot Lollipop consists of a stainless steel rod with a solid, body safe acrylic sphere at each end.  The smaller of the two is 1.75 inches in diameter, the larger is 2 inches.  Mine is a pearly deep purple, but it is also available in bright pink and lime green.  If the size seems like too much for you, there is a smaller option available with spheres of 1.5″ and 1.75″.

The G-Spot Lollipop comes with an instruction card that advises against heating at high temperatures or freezing.  This rules out boiling to sterilize the toy, but a 10% bleach solution could be used instead.  Soaking the toy in warm or cool water for mild temperature play is fine, in fact, I prefer it slightly warmed up.

I started off with the smaller end of the G-Spot Lollipop, which at 1.75″ in diameter is still rather filling.  The toy doesn’t need much lube, thanks to the glassy, polished surface.  It’s not intended for heavy thrusting, and slides in best with a slight rolling or twisting motion.  Once inside my vagina, the sphere applied solid pressure to the G-spot.  The long handle made it easy to experiment with different angles and degrees of pressure.  Mostly I chose to leave it inserted and use shorter thrusts or rocking motion.  The “pop” of this lolly on entry/exit is intense, and not something I wanted to overdo. There's more...


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Property Of Potter Reviews Vamp Greta Softskin Silicone Dildo


Greta from Vamp Silicone is a dildo that resembles a penis in shape, but is available in fun and wild colors.  Since each piece is hand poured, no two are exactly alike, making the dildo you purchase uniquely yours.  If super realistic looking toys are a turn off for you, you prefer large toys, and love fun and funky colors, this might be just the product you’ve been waiting for!

he exaggerated shape and size of the dildo were well thought out and seem to effortlessly connect with the G-spot.  The bulbous head and foreskin provide two great popping sensations, while the girth does a great job of filling you up.  The base of the toy makes it harness compatible, anal safe, and easy to hold.  The bottom also has a bullet hole in the center which provides another sensation to your play – vibration.  The hole was made to fit any standard bullet, but you’ll have to purchase it separately since one isn’t included.

All products from Vamp Silicone are, obviously, made from silicone.  This material is body-safe, non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  It’s one of the safest materials you can purchase, and with proper care, can last a lifetime.  It can be washed easily with soap and warm water or your favorite toy cleaner, but can also be sterilized (the bottom of the shaft has the logo imprinted, pay extra attention to cleaning this area).  If you’ve shared with someone else, used anally, or feel it needs a little extra sparkle, you can boil it for a few minutes, clean with a 10% bleach solution, or even utilize the top rack of your dishwasher.

Using a good lubricant with this toy is very important because of the size.  Silicone sometimes reacts poorly to silicone-based lubes (sometimes causing the surface to degrade), so it’s best to avoid or spot test on the base to see how it reacts.  There are many water-based lubes that are thick, long lasting, and work well for both vaginal and anal use.  If you’re primarily using the dildo for anal use, you can also use an oil-based lubricant which will likely last longer without needing to reapply.

Greta is available in regular or soft silicone.  The soft silicone, referred to as soft skin, is plush and squishy and feels more realistic than the regular silicone the company offers (see my Heidi review for examples).  Unlike Vixskin, Tantus 02, etc. this dildo doesn't have a firm inner core.  The whole dildo is plush, but the thickness prevents it from being floppy.  It’s soft enough to provide comfort, but not so soft it could be used as a packer.  It’s sort of a ‘just right’ balance for the size. There's more...


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Toy Meets Girl Reviews The Mystim Tickling Truman Vibrator


I woke up one morning with a vague sense that my life was missing something. But what was it? The feeling plagued me all day until I found myself perusing SheVibe’s newest products and like a bolt of lighting, it hit me… what I really needed was to zap my vag. And serendipitously, there it was – MyStim’s new line of e-stim vibrators. The Tickling Truman specifically calling out to me; promising that it could make my vag zapping dreams come true. I had to have one. So I begged and pleaded with SheVibe to send me one for review and they graciously made my dream a reality.

What is e-stim?

Was zapping my vag everything I thought it would be? Well, I’m not really sure what I thought it was going to feel like, since I was totally new to e-stim and nothing quite prepares you for feeling it the first time. It most certainly provides a kind of sensation that no other type of sex toy can. It’s like having something strange and alien up in your bits. It almost feels alive, in a tingly, prickly, muscle spasm inducing kind of way. My immediate impression was that e-stim must be an acquired taste and I wasn’t sure if my palate was sophisticated enough to fully appreciate it.  When I asked dizzyguy to feel the e-stim in his hand, he immediately recoiled and I asked if he’d like to have that anywhere near his genitals.  He answered with a resounding, “fuck no”. So, the sensation is definitely not for everyone.

It’s not painful at all but I haven’t quite warmed up to the prickly sensation that all but one of the e-stim modes provides. After much experimentation and combinations of e-stim and vibration, I did land on one that I found pleasurable. There is an e-stim mode that’s a pulsating sensation and it involuntarily contracts and relaxes my muscles. It’s sort of like it’s forcing me to do kegels but my body is doing it with no effort on my part. I can let go of the Truman’s handle and watch it wiggle back and forth as my muscles spasm around it – very odd indeed but not unpleasant.

The first time I used the Tickling Truman without any clitoral stimulation, since I was less worried about reaching orgasm and really just wanted to get familiar with the toy. When I was ready to have an orgasm I quit using it and stimulated my clit with the Eroscillator. There was a lingering tingly sensation and everything felt more sensitive. When I did reach orgasm it was as strong as fuck. It’s as if the prior e-stim stimulated my nerves in a way that it made my orgasm better. There's more...


Posted on December 13, 2014 and filed under electrosex, vibrator, silicone, mystim.