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Posted on January 1, 2018 .

Property Of Potter Reviews Vamp Greta Softskin Silicone Dildo


Greta from Vamp Silicone is a dildo that resembles a penis in shape, but is available in fun and wild colors.  Since each piece is hand poured, no two are exactly alike, making the dildo you purchase uniquely yours.  If super realistic looking toys are a turn off for you, you prefer large toys, and love fun and funky colors, this might be just the product you’ve been waiting for!

he exaggerated shape and size of the dildo were well thought out and seem to effortlessly connect with the G-spot.  The bulbous head and foreskin provide two great popping sensations, while the girth does a great job of filling you up.  The base of the toy makes it harness compatible, anal safe, and easy to hold.  The bottom also has a bullet hole in the center which provides another sensation to your play – vibration.  The hole was made to fit any standard bullet, but you’ll have to purchase it separately since one isn’t included.

All products from Vamp Silicone are, obviously, made from silicone.  This material is body-safe, non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  It’s one of the safest materials you can purchase, and with proper care, can last a lifetime.  It can be washed easily with soap and warm water or your favorite toy cleaner, but can also be sterilized (the bottom of the shaft has the logo imprinted, pay extra attention to cleaning this area).  If you’ve shared with someone else, used anally, or feel it needs a little extra sparkle, you can boil it for a few minutes, clean with a 10% bleach solution, or even utilize the top rack of your dishwasher.

Using a good lubricant with this toy is very important because of the size.  Silicone sometimes reacts poorly to silicone-based lubes (sometimes causing the surface to degrade), so it’s best to avoid or spot test on the base to see how it reacts.  There are many water-based lubes that are thick, long lasting, and work well for both vaginal and anal use.  If you’re primarily using the dildo for anal use, you can also use an oil-based lubricant which will likely last longer without needing to reapply.

Greta is available in regular or soft silicone.  The soft silicone, referred to as soft skin, is plush and squishy and feels more realistic than the regular silicone the company offers (see my Heidi review for examples).  Unlike Vixskin, Tantus 02, etc. this dildo doesn't have a firm inner core.  The whole dildo is plush, but the thickness prevents it from being floppy.  It’s soft enough to provide comfort, but not so soft it could be used as a packer.  It’s sort of a ‘just right’ balance for the size. There's more...


Posted on December 16, 2014 and filed under dildo, rhino by traz, silicone, vamp silicone.

Toy Meets Girl Reviews The Mystim Tickling Truman Vibrator


I woke up one morning with a vague sense that my life was missing something. But what was it? The feeling plagued me all day until I found myself perusing SheVibe’s newest products and like a bolt of lighting, it hit me… what I really needed was to zap my vag. And serendipitously, there it was – MyStim’s new line of e-stim vibrators. The Tickling Truman specifically calling out to me; promising that it could make my vag zapping dreams come true. I had to have one. So I begged and pleaded with SheVibe to send me one for review and they graciously made my dream a reality.

What is e-stim?

Was zapping my vag everything I thought it would be? Well, I’m not really sure what I thought it was going to feel like, since I was totally new to e-stim and nothing quite prepares you for feeling it the first time. It most certainly provides a kind of sensation that no other type of sex toy can. It’s like having something strange and alien up in your bits. It almost feels alive, in a tingly, prickly, muscle spasm inducing kind of way. My immediate impression was that e-stim must be an acquired taste and I wasn’t sure if my palate was sophisticated enough to fully appreciate it.  When I asked dizzyguy to feel the e-stim in his hand, he immediately recoiled and I asked if he’d like to have that anywhere near his genitals.  He answered with a resounding, “fuck no”. So, the sensation is definitely not for everyone.

It’s not painful at all but I haven’t quite warmed up to the prickly sensation that all but one of the e-stim modes provides. After much experimentation and combinations of e-stim and vibration, I did land on one that I found pleasurable. There is an e-stim mode that’s a pulsating sensation and it involuntarily contracts and relaxes my muscles. It’s sort of like it’s forcing me to do kegels but my body is doing it with no effort on my part. I can let go of the Truman’s handle and watch it wiggle back and forth as my muscles spasm around it – very odd indeed but not unpleasant.

The first time I used the Tickling Truman without any clitoral stimulation, since I was less worried about reaching orgasm and really just wanted to get familiar with the toy. When I was ready to have an orgasm I quit using it and stimulated my clit with the Eroscillator. There was a lingering tingly sensation and everything felt more sensitive. When I did reach orgasm it was as strong as fuck. It’s as if the prior e-stim stimulated my nerves in a way that it made my orgasm better. There's more...


Posted on December 13, 2014 and filed under electrosex, vibrator, silicone, mystim.

Dangerous Lilly ON THE We-Vibe Tango Pleasure Mate Collection


I’ve been in love with the We-Vibe Tango for years now. Well, my first love was technically the Salsa  -that bullet-pointed tip just seemed to work a little better and the color choices were fabulous. I quickly learned that the Salsa/Tango were the same size as the Rocks Off Ro80mm bullet and the Tantus bullet. Swapping out those for the Tango usually led to great success (the Tantus Panty Play was the one time I had disastrous results). 

So you can imagine my glee when I saw that We-Vibe was finally giving Tango it’s very own accessories, the We-Vibe Pleasure Mate collection. I felt a bit like a kid coveting the latest Cabbage Patch Doll accessories (my favorite was the CPD-sized high chair for sitting her alongside me at dinner). I had to collect em all. 


When I finally had the We-Vibe Pleasure Mate Dusk in my hands, I was a bit underwhelmed honestly. I was surprised at how small it is – at the widest portion of the bulb it’s 1 inch. I know so many people who already use the Tango in their existing toys, but the Dusk is absolutely for un-butt-initiated. It’s beginner-sized and won’t provide a “full” feeling at all. If it were uber-powerful, it may matter less... there's more!


Many moons ago, Lelo introduced the Ella dildo. And the Gigi vibrator. That angled, flat thumb of a head became iconic and is replicated far and wide for being superior as a g-spot massager in the eyes of most. I certainly think the design is awesome; my first g-spot toy had a tip like a pointy beak. Yikes. So the We-Vibe Pleasure Mate Glow is pretty awesome and pulls double duty as a dildo and a vibrator. We-Vibe has constructed the Glow to still be sturdy even without the Tango inserted. There’s a channel in the Tango-hole (and a hole down inside) so that it’s fairly easy to insert and remove the bullet, but it’s snug enough that it stays put during use. People who have arthritis in their fingers, trouble gripping something firmly and/or lack of hand strength in general will find it difficult to remove the Tango on their own. People with reach issues who need a longer dildo, or a dildo with a handle, will find it a bit difficult to use the Glow since it is a bit short... there's more!


Posted on December 12, 2014 and filed under anal toy, silicone, we-vibe, vibrator.

Of Sex And Love Reviews The Tantus Silicone Fantasy Gag


For a while, I had my eye on the tiny cock gag. It’s cute, and it’s not perfectly round. Better for my mouth? I thought so. Plus, it’s made of silicone because it’s by Tantus. I've seen similar design made from PVC, but even if I didn't care about cleanliness, who wants that smell/taste in their mouth? Add in leather, and I’m sold.

This is a solid basic gag that’s different from every other gag on the market. I do think there is room for improvement. For starters, it would simply be cool if the gag attached to the straps via O-ring like a strap on. Secondly, I’m not sure Velcro is the most secure option. The style with D-rings offers more adjustments when it comes to size and might be better at not catching your hair, which I noticed happened  pretty easily.

Small mouths aside, this is probably my favorite gag to date, though! There's more...


Posted on December 7, 2014 and filed under bdsm, silicone, tantus.

Reviews By A Nerd - Fetish Fantasy Auto-VAC Nipple Pumps


My love for nipple play is no secret. Having my nipples sucked was the first sexual thing that ever happened to me, and since then I've been kind of obsessed with it. I love the feeling of suction on my nipples, so I've been on the look out for a good nipple pump for some time now. I've used a breast pump that is meant for breast feeding, and it just wasn't that great. When I saw the auto-vac nipple pump I knew I had to try it and let me just say this thing is amazing!  It gives you a great suction sensation!

On the box it advertises that it can leave you with huge puffy nipples, which I know some people would enjoy. I personally didn't get this pump for the puffy nipples part, and I haven’t experienced that even after leaving it on for some time! It does make my nipples slightly larger for a period of time, and enhances sensitivity. The feeling this pump causes is amazing and I grab for it almost every time I play now! There's more...


Posted on November 22, 2014 and filed under pipedream, nipple play.

Sapphire Ray Reviews The Lust by Jopen L5 Wand Style Vibrator


The Jopen Lust L5 is different from any of the other toys on the market that I have tried, she is a dual stimulating vibrator. I have used many dual stimulating toys but nothing like the Lust L5.

The L5 can be enjoyed by both male and female bodied folks as it anal safe. I am always happy to report when an item can be used by both those who are male and female bodied. While the L5 doesn't have a true flared base it does have petals on either side of the shaft which will prevent your bum from eating it. Lust L5 offers stimulation for the ladies in these areas, vagina, perineal stimulation and clitoral stimulation. For the gentlemen you can get anal stimulation while one of the petals stimulates your testicles as well as your penis.

The Lust L5 is offered in 3 colors pink, lime green and purple! I received mine in green which is awesome since I like my collection to vary in color if it isn't a realistic item.

Jopen Lust L5 I would say could be beginner friendly while it may look a little intimidating it really isn't. There's more...


Posted on November 20, 2014 and filed under jopen, silicone, vibrator.

Dangerous Lilly Reviews The Lust by Jopen L12 Dual Stim VibE


Our time with the Jopen Lust L12 has been a little rocky; for weeks every time I’d remind him to try it out because I had to review it, we’d turn it on and find it dead. I’d plugged it in to charge numerous times, each time turning it on and marveling at the powerful vibrations. But then he’d go to try it out a few days / a week later and it would be dead. Shevibe is very good to me and offered to send a replacement and handle the return but Jopen asked me to instead send it directly to them for analysis. I didn’t feel like paying for the shipping to Jopen and communications with Jopen took awhile, so I kept it. Now that my husband has pretty much declared it awesome, I’ll be taking advantage of the warranty and making sure he has a working version. 

Yes, the Jopen Lust L12 is a home-run. It’s waterproof; rechargeable; just flexible enough; comfortable all around; very easy to clean; provides very powerful vibrations on both sides of the L shape; and tops it all off with the ability to have pulsating patterns.  The only other review I’d read for the Lust L12 described the vibrations as average; I feel that they’re not quite as rumbly as the We-Vibe Tango, but almost and pretty close to the same intensity. If you've tried the Tantus vibrating plugs and felt underwhelmed by their vibration, the Lust L12 will impress you. 

However, don’t let the horribly gendered colors fool you – the Jopen  Lust L12 really is best as a prostate vibrator. Before I handed it over to my husband, I tried it out as a dual stimulation g-spot/clitoris vibe and it failed miserably for me. The inside arm wasn't nearly thick enough and the outside arm was way, way too long. It overshot my clitoris by at least an inch. Lust L12 performs beautifully as a prostate massager and I think it should be kept in that category.  There's more...


Posted on November 17, 2014 and filed under jopen, silicone, vibrator.

Slutty Girl Problems - The Droplet Vibrator Necklace by Crave


When I tried the Duet, my first toy from the Crave line, I instantly knew it would become one of my all time favorite vibrators. It’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime toys that combines gorgeous luxury with powerful vibrations. It was incredibly powerful, 100% waterproof, whisper quiet, versatile, and made of a silky smooth silicone that is unlike anything I’ve experienced. I loved all the of elegant touches, and the upscale features, like the built-in USB charging port and leather storage pouch. This incredible vibrator was instantly on the top of the list of go-to toys in my naughty drawer! I quite literally craved for every other toy in the line…

So, I was absolutely thrilled when the beautiful people at SheVibe sent me the absolutely precious Crave Droplet to review. This toy has been on my wish list from the moment I learned about Crave! It’s essentially a vibrator and jewelry combined. You can elegantly wear it around your neck for discreet on the go pleasure, or wear it in the bedroom for a uniquely sensual experience. Like other Crave toys, it oozes luxury. I couldn't wait to try it. Yet, while the simplicity and elegance of the design really gets my sensual motors geared up – the weak vibrations left me wanting much, much more. This toy would be best for someone who prefers incredibly light vibrations, tickling teases, or simply wants to wear a naughty little secret around their neck. For that, it’s lovely! There's more...


Posted on November 17, 2014 and filed under bath & body, vibrator, crave, metal.

Bex Talks Sex Reviews The Vaca G-Spot Silicone Dildo by BS


I love to collect things. Anything really: trading cards, Disney pins, plushies, gaming memorabilia, and of course, sex toys. Often times this leads me to making purchases which are justified simply by phrases like “but I neeeeeeed it”, or “well, I have all the other ones”, or “common, have you ever seen a cow patterned dildo before?”

Because I mean really though, have you?

It was designs like this that drew me to BS is Nice in the first place; they make paint splattered toysone that looks like a gym sockrainbow toyspill shaped butt plugs, and yes my cow patterned dildo. I’ll admit it, I probably would have wanted this toy no matter what it was shaped like, but luckily it came in a shape I could get behind too. As any reader of my site knows, I’m all about that g-spot stimulation so I was excited to see that the Vaca offers that drastic curve and wide flattened head that I thought would be everything my g-spot loves. So while it was the interesting pattern that earned Vaca a spot on my wishlist, the curve moved it towards the top.

Unfortunately when I actually held the toy in my hands I noticed that the curve I was so excited about looked ever so slightly different than it had in pictures. It is much less defined than I expected; while the curve itself is pronounced, the edges of the head are much softer and more graduated than they are on something like the Lelo Ella.

Ella, whose tip is only very slightly smaller than that of the Vaca, has definitive edges to the head and gets drastically thinner beyond those edges. This keeps the focus where they want it and no where else, the Vaca on the other hand has none of these things. It has the curve sure but when it comes to the tip it is not focused at all, it’s as if the toy just ends, the head has no sculpting to make it look intentional or pronounced. There's more...


Posted on November 17, 2014 and filed under bs is nice, dildo, silicone.